Friday, July 28, 2006

Something About Studies

This will be boring to most of you, but I told you that I am a student. Let me elaborate a bit. :o)

Currently, I am a PhD student in the University of Tokyo, Japan. I thought of posting a few photos from my university, though they might not be as interesting as the festival stuff.

The red gate

Yasuda auditorium

Walk way to the sports complex

Sanshiro pond

Road with trees

A PhD in Japan is much better compared with the situation pictured in PhD Comics :-p. One can complete a PhD in 3 years, 90% of the time (the others usually take an extra semester). The situation with funding is generally quite good (that explains why I get to travel a lot). The coursework requirements are not so high, leaving enough time for research and enjoying life. Japan is a safe and nice place, with lots of kind and helpful people. You need to learn the language, but it is not hard once you are here.

As for me, I am in the 3rd year of my PhD. I had my pre-defense yesterday, where I presented the current status of my research to a panel of professors. They were happy with the work, and gave me the green light to start writing the thesis. Now I can relax a bit and enjoy the summer vacation, before I do.

So much for my studies. If anyone is interested in more details about graduate studies in Japan, I will tell you what I know.


Anonymous said...

Sumimasen, Why did you prefer to study in Japan, and not in USA or Europe?

Chaminda said...

A few reasons, I will describe them briefly.

I was in contact with my friends studying in USA, and found that most of them were never sure when they are going to graduate. may be is a bit exaggerating, but most of it seemed true. As for Europe, I rejected an offer from a university in Europe to accept the one in Tokyo. The main problem there was the low stipend and high tax.

I worked in Japan as an intern while studying for a master's in Singapore. I noted that both professors and students have more freedom in selecting topics. The professors had more time for their students, compared to Singapore. In Japan, most of the students graduate in 3 years.

The other reason is that the students are taken good care of by the professors, most of the time. I had no scholarship, but my professor ensured that I receive enough money.