Saturday, August 26, 2006


Nebuta are huge lanterns made of paper pulp, in the shape of various characters. In Nebuta festival in Aomori, Northern Japan, about 50 lanterns are carried on floats along the streets. The festival is held every year during the first week of August.

Aomori is more about 1000 km away from Tokyo. For the benefit of those who cannot go that far to see them, some cities bring them down and add them to the city festivals. These photos were taken in Tsukuba, about 60 km to the North of Tokyo. About 5 lanterns are brought from Aomori for the parade of Tsukuba Festival , held in late August every year.

First, the smaller ones made by people in Tsukuba.

Now the bigger ones from Aomori. I am not sure how these were brought, they occupy three lanes of traffic.

The floats have wheels, but are dragged along by people. This one is being tilted towards the crowd, to make it more fun :o). Quite overwhelming when you are close to one.

I had just seen the Nebuta festivel in Aomori on TV and was thinking of going there next year. So I was more than happy when I was told about the festival by Iguchi-san, who even took me there and found a good place to watch them!

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