Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some non-traditional stuff

There was a festival in Moriya, a nearby town, to mark the first anniversary of the commisioning of the new railway line through the area. In addition to the traditional music and dances, there were lots of more modern performances. Herewith find a few photos.

This dance followed a couple of songs by a group of kids. You can see them watching the dancers.

Young dancers of "Moriya Batton Club"

I liked this Marimba and Vibraphone performance.

The Battle of Mobile Suits. These are characters of the cartoon series "Gundam". Japanese kids are crazy for them. Well, I should say not only kids, and not only Japanese :o).

So much for modern stuff, for a change :o). I kept the more traditional stuff for the next post.

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Claus said...

Aaaah! I Missed the gundam battle! If I knew it I would be sure to go there! :-P