Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chindonya - Advertising Band

A Chindonya is a group of Japanese street musicians who earn money by advertising shops and special events. The musicians, dressed in traditional costumes, carry advertising banners along the streets while playing their musical instruments.

Originated in Western Japan about150 years ago, they are now a very rare sight. At present, only about 30 Chindonya groups remain in Japan. A Chindonya group had been invited to "Moriya Festa", the festival referred to in the previous post. That was lucky! :o)

The musicians

The name "Chindonya" refer to the sounds made by this instrument ("Chin" from the cymbals and "Don" from the drum).

Advertising banners

If you are in Japan and have chance to see Chindonya, don't miss the opportunity to see this very old means of advertising.

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