Friday, September 15, 2006

Himeji Castle

Himeji castle is one of the oldest and the most famous castles in Japan. It takes about 40 minutes to go from Kobe to Himeji by train.

The castle has been built about 700 years ago. However, the keep (the central part of the castle) has been rebuilt about 400 years ago.

The garden of the castle is separated into a number of sections, using gates and walls with peeping holes.

Entrance to the "suicide quarter"

Stone coffins used for building the foundation of the castle, due to the lack of stones.

The keep

Inside of the keep

Small entrances to hideouts for soldiers, in case the castle was captured

Views from the top of the castle. The fish-like structure on the roof is called "Shachi" (dolphin).

Unlike some oher castles which have been converted to exhibition halls, Himeji still preserves its military features. Therefore, many of the samurai-movies are filmed here.


kathy said...

Great pics!! I'd love to see that one day.

Chaminda (GC) said...

Thanks a lot for dropping a comment. Himeji is quite easy to access even on a short tour to western Japan, and it is almost a free trip for a Japan Rail Pass holder.

Bean said...

This looks amazing. It makes me sad I didn't see more outside of Tokyo, but encourages me to get back to Japan some day and check it out :)

Chaminda (GC) said...

Hi Bean,

From what I have seen, those who come to Japan once somehow happen to come again :o). Hope that goes for you too.

I will be posting more from the South and the West of Japan in the coming posts.