Friday, September 08, 2006

Meirken Park

A few photos from Meirken Park, a waterfront park near Kobe port. Having arrived at Kobe in the morning by night bus from Tokyo, it was a good place to have breakfast and a small break.

The port tower and the maritime museum

Some seacrafts, both old and modern

Old warehouses, converted to restaurants

A section of the waterfront preserved to show the damage after the great earthquake in 1995

Old drawbridge

Ferry rides around Kobe start from the boat quay located here. With a ferris wheel and an entertainment center, Meirken Park is a popular attraction among both locals and tourists.


Bean said...

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed all your Japan photos and the commentary. Thanks :)

Chaminda (GC) said...

Thanks a lot! I am not so used to writing commentaries yet, trying to improve on it.

Please visit again, for more photos!

Bear Bear said...

Wow...Nice photos!!!

Thanks for your advise/comment on my blog!!!

Chaminda (GC) said...

Hi Bear Bear,

Thanks a lot. I learn photography from my host father, so just thought of sharing something that he told me.

I visit your blog regularly. I studied in Singapore a while ago, so things are kind of familiar :o).

Political Grind said...

Nice pictures! Always nice to see other places around the world.

Claus said...

Chaminda, you're popular! Gratz! :-D

Chaminda (GC) said...

Hi Claus,

Thanks :o)! Hopefully I won't end up notorious :-p.