Friday, October 13, 2006

After the Boat Tour

The boat tour is one way, and is about 2.5 km along the road from the starting point. Since the boatman had a bit of time before heading back, I started a chat with him.

He told me that Yanagawa is famous for two more things. One, the delicious steamed eel dishes (a bit expensive, but worth the price). The other, is the weird-shaped fish and other seafood caught in this area. He took me into a nearby fish stall, and showed a few types.

I dont have many photos of them, since they were not all that photogenic and I was running out of space on my memory cards. But I think these few gave you an idea. From what I heard and tried, most of these things taste much, much better than they look. :o)

This wine shop is really old.

The main shopping street

The usual means of getting back to Yanagawa station is taxi. However, I decided to walk along the narrow roads by the canals and find my way to the station. This turned out great, as it enabled me to visit the "Cookie Factory", which I will write about in my next post.

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