Monday, October 02, 2006

Kyushu National Museum

Japan has only 4 national museums. Ueno (Tokyo), Kyoto, Nara, and Kyushu. The Kyushu National Museum is located in Dazaifu, on the other side of the hill near Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine. So, I visited the museum after visiting the shrine.

The museum was opened in October 2005. Unlike the other three museums that are housed in old-fashiond buildings, this museum has a building designed quite differently. The architecture aims to be easy towards the environment. The glass walls and air circulation systems are designed to maintain a temperature close to 25 Celsius, with the minimum use of heating/cooling during all seasons. Rainwater falling on the roof is collected, filtered and used for non-drinking purposes.

A video clip showing the building and the surroundings

The main entrance to the building is at the other side of the mountain, from where an escalator and a travelator takes you into the building

Now, some photos from the main lobby. These boats are from the pacific islands.

Musical instruments from Indonesia

These kids gathered here before seeing the museum and had a briefing.

As usual for a museum, taking photos is not allowed in many places. So, I will outline the content. The museum has lots of exhibits from the Jomon period, the time of stone weapons. Then the exhibition moves on to what was brought to Japan from the neighboring countries.

The museum employs volunteers daily, to explain things to the visitors. The volunteer who guided me even delayed his lunch, so that he could accompany me until I cover the museum. What I have posted here is mostly what I learnt from him.

This is a photo of the entrance to Ajippa, the kids' corner. I will cover it in my next post.

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