Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Camera

I bought my digital camera on the 4th of October 2002, exactly 4 years ago. I thought of posting about it today. Quite a few people actually asked "what kind of camera are you using?", and many more were happy with the photos. So, I think it is somewhat useful to write a post.

Two months after coming to Japan, I had enough savings to buy a digital camera. After a small study of camera reviews, I decided to buy a 2.1 Mega pixel camera with a good lens having more than 3X optical zoom. Although 3.4 Mega pixel cameras were already in the market, my budget was small and I knew that I will not be printing so many photos.

So, I bought this Olympus CAMEDIA C700 Ultra Zoom. Its menu was only in Japanese (my Japanese was pretty bad at that time) , but there was a 25% discount on it.

(sorry, this photo was taken with a webcam. I have no other camera with me)

The camera has a 10X zoom lens with high diameter, which allows me to take good photos at dusk (it sure is a bit bulky, but the photo quality is worth the trouble of carrying it). Everything other than distance of focus can be manually controlled, if neessary (I just use automatic modes most of the time).

I have taken thousands of photos during these 4 years; most of them terrible :-p. However, I learnt a lot by using it and managed to get some good photos, a few of which you have seen on this blog. Won the third prize in a small photo contest + exhibition for this photo.

Other than for two burnt pixels, the camera is doing fine after 4 years of extensive use. I am quite used to this camera and kind of know how not to take bad photos with it. Later someday I will buy a more professional camera like Canon EOS Digital, but I guess it needs a while for a student to save the money needed.

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