Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Photos from Santa Barbara

I just Returned after spending a week attending a conference in Santa Barbara, CA. The busy schedule did not allow me to post anything, though I did some sightseeing. I will post some random photos for now, leaving detailed posts for a later time.

Many of my friends wanted to take photos with this piece of art by the side of the State Street. It is said that the artist claims the letter here to be a 'W'. Hmm, I am not so sure... :-p


Donald Douglas said...

I lived in Santa Barbara for seven years while earning my Ph.D. in political science. I used to go for coffee right near the La Arcata walk you've photographed. I used to run as well down the bike path along the beach. My wife and I always enjoyed evenings on the wharf, having an ice cream and watching the sunset. I'm glad you were able to visit -- it looks like you had a good time.

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Chaminda (GC) said...

Yup, I was there for just six days but had a wonderful time. Spent a couple of evenings on the wharf, too.

Thanks a lot for the comments!