Friday, December 08, 2006

Rikugien Gardens

Rikugien is one of the best traditional Japanese gardens in Tokyo. Created in 1702, it has been the private property of several distinguished families before it was donated to the City of Tokyo by the family of the founder of Mitsubishi. The garden is only 20 minutes from Tokyo station, by train (near JR Komagome station, to be specific).

The garden has a nice pond, many sakura trees, and several teahouses. They say the garden is designed to have beautiful views in all four seasons. I went there to see the autumn leaves last week, so these photos show what the garden looks like in autumn.

Some of the leaves (hope you will not be mad at me for having a third post with them)

A visitor in Kimono

Since this was the peak season for the colored leaves, there was a 'light-up' of autumn leaves. During a light-up, selected portions of the park and the colored leaves are lit to create a colorful display, which attracts hundreds of people.

I did not know about the light-up, and therefore did not have the tripod with me. It needed all the tricks I know to get a few reasonable photos (one of the photos below was taken with the camera on the top of my head :-p). However, a light-up is much nicer than what can be captured using a still camera.

These bamboo shades provided lighting to the footpaths. I used them as tripods :-p

I called my host father, Iguchi-san, to tell him that I am in Rikugien, seeing the light-up. Here is the rest of the conversation:

Iguchi-san: "Great place! Who else are with you?"

Me: "Oh, I came by myself"

Iguchi-san: "What a waste! But I guess you can still enjoy."

I think you got the message. :o)


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8th photo from the bottom kicks real serious ass. You might (also) want to consider selling photos to publishers. ;)


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Hi Greenleaf,

Thanks for the comment. I am going for my first exhibition (of course with 12 others, not by myself) in March. :o)