Thursday, March 24, 2011

20 March 2011: Food Shortage? Not in Tokyo!

On Friday, my mom called to ask if I have food to eat in Tokyo. Those who wanted free air tickets to go back to Sri Lanka created a story :-(.

The real situation was that some people tried to stock things around 12-13 March and supermarket shelves started emptying. But this was controlled well with government requesting people not to buy and stock. Supermarkets promptly put limits on selling rice. Usual for Japan, people complied.

I personally went to several stores from 4 supermarket chains yesterday, before writing on Facebook that food supplies in Western Tokyo are back to normal. And my friends confirm the same for the rest.

The expressway to Sendai and the airport that you saw on TV (being flooded) are now open for transport by relief workers. Food supplies to the troubled areas are improving.

some evacuees were brought to suburbs in Tokyo so that they could be treated better without carrying all the supplies there. People are donating money to support these efforts.

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