Thursday, March 24, 2011

21sr March: What Other Foreign Students Say

Some articles by other foreign students and workers here:

About "Panic in Tokyo"

Brian Berry, an exchange student in our univeristy, wrote a nice article titled "Don’t let the Fukushima Nuclear crisis divide us."!/home.php?sk=group_177355305643452&view=doc&id=179049485474034

The article is about growing tensions between foreign friends who had different opinions about what is better to do; leave Japan and be safe, or stay in Japan. In case you cannot link to the article, I post the concluding paragraph.

"In conclusion I only ask this; don't "turn on" your friends, neighbors, and family just because you might place your bets at a different table regarding the nuclear crisis. Each person is in an entirely different situation which will result in varying opportunities that dictate their response. Chastising them for their personal choices is extremely counterproductive, especially during one of the greatest disasters Japan has faced. Support them, offer help when you can, don't condemn, alienate, and abandon them. The most important matter here isn't whether you can boastfully say, "I told you so!" having guessed the end result of this nuclear crisis, but instead whether this crisis can be handled as soon as possible to allow minimal pollution and individual harm, so that everyone can further focus on helping those in the stricken disaster areas in the Tohoku. Finally, please donate, give blood, and volunteer if able."

About how Yakuza, Japanese underworld groups, have been helping (I cannot confirm or reject any of the claims here, though. I never had a chance to even talk to one).

Finally, a radiation dose chart that reveals that even married life comes with some radiation :o)

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