Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Supporting by Eating

This was my dinner yesterday. The signs in Japanese say:

"Vegetables from Fukushima"
"Support for places affected by the earthquake"

The food was good. Not sure if foreign media like CNN are aware of these efforts. But better if they don't; most of the time they make up stories that are sensational. And to them, there is no value to anything that does not involve death and destruction.


Jamal said...

Mmm, I love Japanese food! Are they still suffering from the quake? I suppose they would be, however the news has kind of died down about that here (UK) and it's been sort of forgotten :(

Chaminda said...

Thanks Jamal, we have really great food here!

Well, we still have a few after effects. Some clearing and rebuilding to finish, a few people still living at public shelters.

Most of the damage is due to the Tsunami. That is what messed up with the power plant, too.

Anyway, most areas are back to normal and Japan will come back strong, as usual :o)